Prepping Resources

Here is a list of some good resources to learn more about prepping, survival, and homesteading.  We are adding more as we find them.  If you know of some good sources to put here, please contact us and point us in the right direction!  Tip: You can right click a link to open in a new tab.

General Prepper Websites

Get Started Prepping – our blog post with lots of getting started links.  Good advice from a multitude of sources!

Prepper Website – so. much. information.  This is a great resource that everyone needs to look at!  They have years of articles and how-tos on this site in addition to newfeeds that cover many different areas that preppers need to keep up with.  They also have a podcast here.

SHTFPreparedness This site has a lot of information! Click here for an article on their website for new preppers.

City Prepping has a lot of articles on different types of prepping (such as how to prep for a hurricane or an earthquake) and other helpful videos. 

Survival Skills

Urban Survival Site – Survival is not just about being out in the wilderness!  Sometimes you need to learn how to survive right there in the city when there’s a disaster.  This site has some great information.

Survival Sullivan – Survival skills!  Here’s a good article on things you can learn while stuck at home during the current pandemic.

Survivor Life – Emergency Preparedness and Survival Skills

Doom and Bloom – Survival medical information and first aid.

Back Door Survival

Privacy and Online Safety

ILJ Mail Private, Ad-Free email service.  No ads, no tracking, no data harvesting, nobody reading over your shoulder.  Just email. – This is a website by the DuckDuckGo search engine people and it is a fantastic resource for taking back your privacy.  We highly recommend signing up for their Privacy Crash Course email newsletter.

Prepping Privacy – yes, this website.  We will be adding articles on how to keep yourself safe online during a time when everyone wants in your business and to see what you are doing!  Don’t forget to check back soon.

We currently recommend:  Firefox Browser, DuckDuckGo Search Engine, and Private Internet Access VPN.

Gardening and Food Storage

Rural Sprout – a great resource on growing your own vegetable and good information on homesteading and food preservation.

Grow a Good Life – lots of blog posts with information and an ebook about planning a garden.  Worth a look!  Here’s an article on harvesting and drying herbs.

The Prairie Homestead – many articles here on multiple topics

Gardening Know How – information on gardens, different plants, composting, and the problems that come with it

Home Canning and Preserving Resource Guide – Huge list of websites with canning and preserving information