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Here are some recent articles we found that we wanted to save and share. We haven’t been able to round up links as much recently, but the links below are still relevant and lead to websites with an abundance of information.

Linking to a website does not mean we endorse it or that we agree with everything they write.  Please do your own research and question things.  Tip: Right click the link to open in a new tab.

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May 2020

Countries Rolling Out Coronavirus Tracking Apps Show Why They Can’t Work - "The only way to make coronavirus tracking apps really work is to accept the burden of false alarms and track every person, all the time, everywhere. "

Building a Get Home Bag

12 Quick and Easy Garden Hacks

Homestead Survival Site

Your Boss Wants to Know Whether You Washed Your Hands

Slate - "dozens of factories and hospitals across the country are already considering using badges and wristbands to track whether staff members are practicing social distancing and even whether they’re washing their hands or not"

Preppermed 101

Beans, Bullets, Bandages, And You

April 2020

Here’s a few highlights from April that we wanted to leave here for now, but to see them all, please click here to go to our blog post with our April News Roundup that includes all the links we shared in last month.

Privacy Norms and the Pandemic

Mozilla Foundation - "There is also a longer term, potentially more serious worry that seems to be getting less consideration: that governments, tech platforms and telcos working together to track citizens at scale becomes normalized in democracies."

Emergency Car Kits

Preparedness Mama

Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal

The Atlantic - "The surveillance and speech-control responses to COVID-19, and the private sector’s collaboration with the government in these efforts, are a historic and very public experiment about how our constitutional culture will adjust to our digital future."