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Why Is Email Privacy So Important in 2020?

No matter what your beliefs, or what side of the political divide you are on, one day, the “powers that be” will change.  

You need to decide now what is important to you to keep private so that it won’t be exposed to the wrong people in the future in the name of “convenience”. 

Today, choices are being made in the background about your future privacy and rights.  The time to start guarding your privacy is now.  You can start with email.

Click the tabs below to see just a few examples.

Keep insurance companies and advertisers out of your medical records or healthcare messages from your doctor, pharmacy, or therapist.  Advertisers use your information to manipulate what you see on the internet. It’s one small step to use this same information to say who has access to coverage and who doesn’t.

Your political views and leanings are used to tailor the information and advertisements you see across the internet. Is it right to be profiled because of something you’ve inquired about?

During the pandemic, governments all over the world are using the crisis to make changes in laws and our way of life. Access to your email can easily be used to track your movements and private personal information.

We see in other countries surveillance being used to target people whose religion does not match the current authority. Learning from the past, there is no guarantee this will never happen in ours. The time to be serious about your privacy is now.

Emails from accountants, banks, legal advice, wills, trusts, family matters, etc., should never be accessible to anyone but you. With some free email services, these types of messages are scanned for data harvesting and advertising.

No-one should ever keep track of what you purchase but you. Your email service should never be allowed to record your receipts or what stores you have been in. (see this page about how gmail does that)

Going away for a few days? (or bugging out?) Your email company should never keep track of where you are going or what hotel you are staying at. (hint:  Gmail does that)

Do you have a hobby? Most people do. We purchase things, we might travel to conferences or classes. What if it’s a hobby that you want to keep private and not have sold to an advertising network. You alone should be the one who shares this information.

Getting a private email account is only the first step in taking back as much of your privacy as you can.   We will be sharing more ways to have more privacy in this age of growing surveillance. 

What do the “Free” companies know about you?

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