About Us

Thanks for your interest in who the people are behind PreppingPrivacy.com!


We have always been interested in prepping.  One of our dads has been a lifelong prepper who passed on a lot of interesting and helpful information over the years. 

We are currently what you would mostly classify as “hurricane preppers” because we live in a hurricane prone area.  Honestly, most people that live in this area are, to some degree, hurricane preppers.  We all have something to board up our windows with, a lot of us have generators with extra gas, we fill our tubs with water before it gets close to land, load up on rice, beans and canned goods, and have boxes ready to be loaded up with the most important things if we need to evacuate. We know what it feels like to go days without power so we prepare for that.

You can always tell who has lived in this area for years and those that have just moved here by the look in their eyes when a hurricane is in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are interested in taking our prepping skills further than “hurricane readiness” and are looking into learning more about what to do in other circumstances and how we could have done better to prepare for something such as this current pandemic.  This is something we certainly never expected and would like to be prepared if something else unexpected arises.   We hope to share what we learn here on our website and put together a good resource section for others that are interested in furthering those skills.

In addition to our hurricane prepping, we also have had raised vegetable garden beds on our small lot for a few years now and are interested in learning some homesteading skills that would help us toward our goal of being more self sustainable. 


We have long been concerned with online and technology privacy.  We started a web hosting business back in 1998, have created and operated many websites, and was the “tech department” for a small school for a decade so we have been involved in technology a long time.  We have watched as the internet has grown and evolved over the years.  We are concerned about the amount of information that the technology companies are gathering about us at an alarming rate.  Each big tech company has different ways of learning about you, your family, your purchases, your travels, your health, what you search for, etc.  The thing is, most people don’t even realize how much information they are giving up.

We wanted to find a way to help educate people about what’s going on in the technology world and help them gain some privacy back.  That’s why we will be adding articles here about what to do to protect yourself and your family online, on your phone, etc. 

We run an email business at ILJmail.com where we offer private, ad-free email accounts @ILJ.com.  We do not put ads in your emails or interface, we are not part of any ad networks, we do not follow you when you leave our site, and we will never scan your emails for harvesting data.  Your email is at ILJ Mail is always private.

For a more in depth look into who we are and the 22 year journey that brought us here, please visit our About page at ILJ Mail : https://www.iljmail.com/about/

Putting it All Together:

We hope you can see, Prepping and Privacy go hand in hand.

I’m sure you have read ways to keep your personal information out of the hands of criminals and the big tech companies.  Having a private email account is one of those ways.  We hope that you will stick around and see what we add to this site in the coming weeks!  We are looking forward to showing some of our personal progress as we learn and we hope to help the community by providing information on how to protect yourself online and how to slow the leak of private data to companies that shouldn’t have it!